• Bring a bottle of water, and a recording device – smartphones are perfect.
  • Some of our singers are sensitive to fragrances, so please try to avoid wearing any scented products when you come to rehearsal.
  • We do attempt to start right at 6:00pm, but we also realize that sometimes that’s not possible. So if you arrive late, come on in and take a seat quietly without disturbing those around you.
  • As a guest, you will be given a buddy who will guide you through the rehearsals in the weeks ahead and to answer your questions during breaks or after rehearsal.

We’re meeting Tuesday evenings
Down Manor
1950 Sterling Place, Hood River
in the banquet room on the 4th floor


  • If you cannot come to a rehearsal (or if you’ll be late), please let JudyG know why you can’t be there. Call her at 541-490-2481 to make sure that she knows.
  • Remember, singing is a team sport.
  • Everyone’s help is needed for the clean-up at the end of the evening. 
  • Before you leave the rehearsal room, please take a minute at the door to stop and think: “Do I have everything with me?”

and please…..

  • NEVER LEAVE SOMEONE ALONE after rehearsal (in hall or parking lot)

We have several members and family members with health issues that put them in high risk, so if you’re not feeling well, please take that week off and review your music at home. There will be other rehearsals.

Tuesday evenings might look like this:

  • Greetings
  • You will receive a binder with the songs we’ll be singing
  • Having fun with vocal warmups
  • Singing one of our favorite songs
  • Learning new songs
  • Performing and showing off


Everyone’s voice is uniquely their own.  Some of us have “high” voices and some of us have ‘low” voices — we can hear the difference, but where does your voice fit into the “low to high” musical notes that we hear on the radio, in church, in the shower or car, etc??

Here’s an illustration showing the middle portion of a piano with Middle C and showing the ranges of male and female voices. On an average, the range for male voices is between the deep low F and a high Bb, and the range for female voices is between a low Eb and a high F.

For fun,  just start singing or humming “Row Row Row Your Boat” — based on early childhood memories, your first note will probably be Middle-C (or men might start on the lower C)… but “C” is somehow locked into our heads.

Do I need to read music?
No.  Like walking, reading music is learned one step at a time.

I don’t have a solo voice, I just want to sing.
We sing together as a group, you will learn how to make the most of your voice.

Will I have to audition by singing alone in front of a group?
No.  If you decide to become a member, you will be auditioned in a very simple way with others singing alongside you.

Any questions, send an email: