Let's revive the fun of singing together!

In the past, singing was a popular form of fun and entertainment.  Families and friends would gather around to sing and/or play instruments together and make up harmonies as the melody suggested. Communities would have sing-out nights where everyone would come to sing and perform for each other, and family groups would travel from town to town to perform.  People seemed to just naturally make up their own harmonies around a lovely melody,  This “making of harmony” was called “woodshedding.” 

Times have changed and we now listen to music on our phones and ipads, huge concerts replace the small town performances, and singing is done in the car or shower.  It’s a time that we now listen to music – rather than make our own.  Sadly, we have become consumers of harmony, rather than being harmony creators.

We found this great YouTube clip of Paul Olguin (who has performed on our shows and taught classes at Harmony University in Nashville, TN).   Here he’s talking about relearning how to become our own harmony creators.  We think you will enjoy watching his class.

Paul Olguin – teaching how to become our on harmony creators